Bio and Statement

  • BIO

    I was born and raised in Memphis, Tn and was an art-maker from the beginning. I have been drawing pictures since before a time my memory can reach. As a child, I was constantly coloring, doodling when I should have been listening, and daydreaming in my own world where no one else could reach me. I am incredibly proud and humbled to say I now make a living bringing art and creativity into the lives of other children. I work for the Dixon Gallery and Gardens as a part-time instructor for their outreach program, Art to Grow. When Iʼm not working with the kids, I try to create my own art using new materials and new ideas.

    In my work, I am drawn to the use of repetition and fascinated by the power of multiples. If multiplied enough times and displayed in the right manner, a small object may be elevated to a monumental status. That kind of power is beautiful and overwhelming. It’s the same with people. One who stands alone may be weak, but the more who join them, the stronger they all become.
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