326 prints, 326 impressions. 

I had the help of many individuals in creating this piece. I approached various individuals and asked them one request, “Write one word or phase that you think others might use to describe you.” After writing their word, participants then impressed their thumbprints into pieces of clay. Through the creation of this piece, I meet many new and interesting people and had beautiful experiences getting to know them, even if ever so briefly. 

Once I’d found enough participants, I collected the thumbprints and descriptive words and displayed them side by side. I wanted to there to be a juxtaposition of two types of impressions. First, the impression we feel we give others, the way in which we define ourselves through their eyes. The Second being the thumbprint, a pattern so remarkably complex that no two individuals share the same one. Every once in a while, people would use the same word for describing themselves, but not one of those thumbprints is the same. Each print represents an individual with immense value, simply because they are the only ‘them’ there is.