There's No Place Like Car

Home - the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.

 Over the past four years, the word “home” has been more of a question mark than an actual place. I went to college in Jackson, Tennessee where I moved in and out of two dorms; I then spent a semester back ‘home’ in Memphis; I’ve now moved to Knoxville where I’m on apartment number two and already have the paperwork done for the third. Over the course of four years, that makes seven times that I’ve moved in/out of one ‘home’ and into a new one. It’s a strange thing to have that much change in your living situation over such a short period of time. Living in different cities, with different people. . .family, best friends, those strangers you met on Craigslist. . . It’s like living a new life with each move. 

I found the idea of permanence most interesting when I read the definition for home. If home is where one lives permanently, then where is mine? I began pondering permanent residence, and I realized that my car has been my one constant shelter over this rapid period of traveling. Not only that, but my car is what drives me back and forth when coming and going from my residences.   

There’s No Place Like Car is about a time in my life when my location is constantly shifting.  That inconsistency can make a simple word like ‘home’ a bit more confusing.